Working Areas - Arbeitsgebiete

Allgemeine Linguistik|Multimodalität|Gender und Sprache|Diskursanalyse|Empirische Forschung in der Linguistik|Interkulturelle Kommunikation


General Linguistics| Multimodality| Gender and Language| Discourse Analysis| Empirical Research Methods in Linguistics| Intercultural Communication



Research Interests - Forschungsinteressen

Sprache in Migrationskontexten|Multimodale Interaktion|Sprache, Gender and Queere Theorien |Multilingualismus (Spanglish und Kiez Sprache)|Perzeption und Diskriminierung ausländischer Akzente (Linguistic Profiling) 


Language in Migration Contexts|Multimodal Interaction|Language, Gender and Queer Theory| Multilingualism| Linguistic Profiling



Memberships& Research Networks - Forschungsnetzwerke& Mitgliedschaften

Research Projects - Forschungsprojekte

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Based on the Gardner and Lambert's matched guise technique, my new study tests the effects of Turkish, American and German accents and its relation to housing discrimination. Both qualitative and quantitative data is investigated in regard to structural patterns of investigative telephone conversations and statistical significant outcomes. The data is generated by my Empirical Methods in Linguistics students from Bremen University.



Baugh, John. 2007. Linguistic Contributions to the Advancement

of Racial Justice Within and Beyond the

African Diaspora. Language and Linguistics Compass

1/4 : 331–349.


Lambert, W.E., R.C. Hodgson, R.C. Gardner, and S. Fillenbaum. 1960. Evaluational reactions to spoken
language. Journal of Abnormal and Social Psychology 60.1: 44-51.





I investigate new grammatical, semantic and lexical features of so-called "Kanak Sprak," a migrant youth variety of German.





Dr. Inke Du Bois


Englische Sprachwissenschaft

English Speaking Cultures


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