Currently supervised Master's Theses:


Politeness in intercultural business email communication: How culture influences request realization in situations of time pressure (Giorgia Miniutti, MA Thesis, Potsdam University)   


Twitter and Social Media in Politics: Russia and the USA (Maria Matveeva, MA Thesis, Potsdam University)


How Do YouTubers speak? An analysis of Speech in Let’s Play Videos. (Lea Krüger, MA Thesis, Potsdam University)


Multimodal Identity Construction in the Graphic Novel and its Adaptation in the Film Persepolis (Rumiya Izgalieva- with John Bateman, Bremen University)


Gewalt in der Sprache. Möglichkeiten und Grenzen von Political Correctness im Diskurs nicht-rassistischer Handlungen (Tahmasebi- with Christel Stolz)


Dynamik des EFL Klassenraums: Alter als ein dominanter Faktor in der Sprachmodifikation von Lehrkräften (L. Carstens- with Sabine Doff)


Humor and Politeness in Customer Service Situations in British Comedy


How can I say things that are pictures:

A stylistic analysis of subjective memory in Toni Morrison's Beloved and

its cinematic adaptation (M. Haas- with John Bateman)


Wandel der betrieblichen Interessenvertretung im Zuge von Reorganisationsmaßnahmen verdeutlicht am Beispiel der Gruppenarbeit im deutsch-britischen Vergleich (N. Kastner)


German Hip-Hop and Linguistic Identity of Migrant Youth




Currently supervised BA projects:


Changing Conceptions of Gender in Hip Hop Music (V. Fischer- with Karin Esders)


Anglicisms in German Menues- Social Stratification of Restaurants and Language Use (J. Brandt- with John Bateman)


Ending the Silence: Struggling with Homosexuality in the U.S. Armed Forces (L. Dierks- with Karin Esders)


Spanish English Codeswitching in US-American Movies


Multimodality in Social Advertising


The Semantics of Football News Headlines


The Semantics and Pragmatics of Intensifiers in Celebrities' Interviews


Humor and Gender in American Sitcoms "How I met your mother" and "Friends"


The Function of Pronominal Deixis in Political Debates 


Language attitudes towards English and Chinese in Hong Kong 


Language and power in intercultural communication 



Currently co-supervised BA projects (selection):


Multimodality in Children's Advertising 

Swearing in Irish English

The influence of media on personal satisfaction with body shape  

African American and Asian American stereotypes in the media

Anglicisms in the German youth magazine 'BRAVO' and how German

teenagers use Anglicisms in their speech 

The politeness of salespersons on the telephone in areas of German cities that are and are not highly frequented by international tourists  

The use of "Denglish" in social online networks Facebook and Studi-VZ 

Language Attitudes: Ghanian English