Foto:Carola Diallo
Foto:Carola Diallo


Ringvorlesungen im Master:

  • Sportkommunikation. Sprache, Medien, Kultur (SoSe2022)
  • Studying English Speaking Cultures- Theories and Methods from Literature, Cultural Studies and Linguistics (2019/2020; 2020/21)
  • Language and Gender (SoSe 2017)


BA/MA English Linguistics regulär

Universität Bremen:

  • Linguistic History of the English-Speaking World 
  • Empirical Research Methods
  • Linguistics Colloquium
  • Sociolinguistics
  • Semantics
  • Syntax
  • Empirical Research Methods
  • Introduction to English Linguistics
  • Language in Migration Contexts
  • Democratic Thought through Language
  • Language and Gender


Universität Potsdam:

  • Intercultural Pragmatics (Master)
  • Language and Gender (Master)
  • Language in Migration Contexts (Master)
  • Introduction to Synchronic Linguistics
  • Syntax
  • Kolloquium für Masterstudierende
  • Multimodal Interaction


English Linguistics - aktuell 2022

  • Ringvorlesung: Sportkommunikation: Sprache, Medien, Kultur
  • Key Moments in the Linguistic History of the
    English Speaking World
  • Language and Social Justice
  • Linguistic Features of Inequality in New Zealand and Europe
  • Introduction to Linguistics
  • Language, Culture and Gender (MA)
  • Prestige and Stigma of Accents in New Zealand, the US and
    Europe (MA)
  • Variational Pragmatics
  • Linguistic Humor in Digital Media: Covid-19 Memes across
    age, gender and languages
  • Discourse Approaches to Language and Gender


Northern Institute of Technology:

  • Scientific Practice and Writing
  • Intercultural Cooperation and Communication


PROUB Graduate School:

  • Academic Writing and Publishing for PhD and Postdoctal candidates
  • Presenting and International Science Conferences


Potsdam Graduate School:

  • Diversity Training für PhD und Postdoctoral students


Universität Hamburg, AWW


  • Interkulturelle Kompetenz im Management „Referent/in für internationale Geschäftsbeziehungen und Interkulturelles