Linguistic profiling

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Sing Out! Workshop

Sing Out! Workshop with Dylan Vaughn and Janice Harrington.

Date: On Friday, May 17, 2019

Time: 12-18 pm

Place: Bremen University, TBA

All students are invited to participate in this unique workshop with my friends Janice and Dylan!


Journal of Language and Discrimination Special Issues Editors

We (Nicole Baumgarten, Vicki Gill and I) will be editing a special issue of the Journal of Language and Discrimination 2/2019 with many exciting research article on language and discrimination.


Invited Talk


Nicole Baumgarten and Victoria Gill organize this Impact Workshop with researchers working on linguistic discrimination, real estate agents and city officials. I will be presenting on Linguistic Profiling in the city: Accents and urban apartment search.

Workshops und Vorträge



Interkulturell sensible Führungskultur

Studieninstitut Niedersachsen (ongoing)



Communicative Awareness for International Teaching Professionals

Potsdam Graduate School, 15.November 2018


Diversity Training, Chancengleichheitsstelle, Universität Potsdam

British Academy Award of the Humanities and Social Sciences 2018 für unser Projekt bewilligt (mit Nicole Baumgarten)

Research Project on Linguistic Profiling in Germany and Great Britain

Together with Nicole Baumgarten (University of Sheffield), we were granted the British Academy Award of the Humanities and Social Sciences: Tackling the UK's International Challenges Programme for a Study on Linguistic Profiling on the Housing Market. 


Lecture Series Language, Gender and Sexuality 

With my colleague Prof. Marcus Callies, I organized a lecture series on  cross methodological approaches to Language and Gender at Bremen University. This lecture series will include Corpus Linguistic Approaches, Discourse Analysis, Conversation Analysis, Multimodal Interaction Analysis to Gender and Queer research.

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Multimodal Interaction and the Production of the ARD Sportschau


I currently work on a research project on the complex communication processes within the making of the ARD Sportschau. For this project, we (Axel Schmidt, Institut für Deutsche Sprache, Mannheim and I) collected 33 hours of video material in the studio and stadion. The foto below documents the data collection in the booth of soccer commentator Steffen Simon and his colleagues.

The transcription in ELAN comparing and utilizing Norris' framework and analysis tools are now in progress.

Norris, S. (2004). Analyzing multimodal interaction: A methodological framework. Routledge.


Selected Publications

On my Research Gate profile, you find most of my publications.



Chicano Englisch und Kiez Sprache: Sprachvielfalt und Sprachwandel?
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African American Vernacular and Kiez Sprache
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